CloudDBAppliance European project has ended

The third and final assessment of the CloudDBApplicance by the European Commission took place on January 21. The assessment was positive, and according to the review report, “the project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact”.
With an investment of over five million euros, this project developed a database platform in Europe based entirely on cloud technology.
The main goal of the project was to promote the “Database as a Service” concept i.e. a database working as a service with high cloud availability. Moreover, the project also focused on providing predictability in the performance, as well as improved robustness and trustworthiness.
The partners of this European project included Atos and INRIA (France), LeanXcale and UPM (Spain), ActiveViam (United Kingdom), BTO and WindTre (Italy), IKEA, QIVOS and Singular Logic (Greece), INESC TEC (Portugal) and JRC Capital Management (Germany).