Welcome to CloudDBAppliance

The project aims at producing a European Cloud Database Appliance for providing a Database as a Service able to match the predictable performance, robustness and trustworthiness of on premise architectures such as those based on mainframes. The project will evolve cloud architectures to enable the increase of the uptake of cloud technology by providing the robustness, trustworthiness, and performance required for applications currently considered too critical to be deployed on existing clouds.

CloudDBAppliance will deliver a cloud database appliance featuring:

  • A scalable operational database able to process high update workloads such as the ones processed by banks or telcos, combined with a fast analytical engine able to answer analytical queries in an online manner;
  • A Hadoop data lake integrated with the operational database to cover the needs from companies on big data;
  • A cloud hardware appliance leveraging the next generation of hardware to be produced by Bull, the main European hardware provider. This hardware is a scale-up hardware similar to the one of mainframes but with a more modern architecture.

Both the operational database and the in-memory analytics engine will be optimized to fully exploit this hardware and deliver predictable performance. Additionally, CloudDBAppliance will deal with the need to tolerate catastrophic cloud data centres failures (e.g. a fire or natural disaster) providing data redundancy across cloud data centres.


2nd ADITCA Workshop accepted for DATA 2019
The 2nd Workshop on Appliance for Data-Intensive and Time Critical Applications (ADITCA) was accepted for the 8th International Conference on Data
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QIVOS event explains QIVOS and IKEA participation in CloudDBAppliance project
Tasos Papadopoulos, our partner from QIVOS, has explained in the QIVOS event the QIVOS and IKEA participation in the CloudDBAppliance
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ADITCA 2019 organised by CloudDBAppliance
The Special Session on Appliances for Data-Intensive and Time Critical Applications (ADITCA 2019) was held as a part of the 9th International
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1st ADITCA 2019 Workshop in Heraklion, Greece | May, 2019
6th F2F Meeting in Athens, Greece | May, 2019
5th F2F Meeting in Milan, Italy | February, 2019